100 Languages Challenge: Hindi and Arabic

Arabic is so much fun! I probably said it all wrong, but at least I had fun while doing it. ūüėČ

This is¬†Week 2 of the 100 Languages Challenge. I skipped over English at #3 to learn Hindi and Arabic this week. Here’s the vid to prove it!

Wanna know where I learned my new words?

Well, I got all brave and struck up a conversation with the Indian working at the Indian grocery store while I was paying for my South Asian snacks (a necessity from growing up on the Subcontinent)!

He told me “thank you” is¬†shookriya, the same as in Urdu (spoken in my birthplace of Pakistan), but that was too easy for me. So I turned to YouTube to learn the more¬†Hindi dhanyavad. Totally new to my tongue, and I probably messed it up. But when in doubt, I now know a shookriya will do just as well!

For Arabic, I talked to my aunt who worked for many years in the United Arab Emirates. Rather than learning the longer and more formal greeting, we went for¬†marhaban, which is a more informal “hi.” For “thank you,” shookran¬†is so similar to Urdu it made me happy to pronounce it. I just love me some rolled Rs!

If you’re a native speaker of Hindi or Arabic and find my¬†pronunciation appalling, my apologies. Please teach me better.

Alright, next up is Portuguese and Bengali. But first, a little rest for my brain…

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