A Punchy Poem for Punchy Times

I open my mouth to speak, to reach, too many words to scream and preach.

So much anger, so much fear, so much sadness to cry my tears.

For days and days, I read and read

And try to see

What’s happening.

What’s happening??

I scream. You see? It’s not for me.

My country bleeds. It’s hard to breathe.

It’s time to stand and draw the line,

To scream your heart and make your art,

To glue your name on to your thoughts

To take your thoughts, to set them free,

To let them know that (here we go)

This line is where I stand.


Don’t take a stand, don’t make a fuss, there’s nothing left to discuss.

So wipe your eyes, it’s no surprise, we’ve just gotta normalize.

You like that rhyme? That beat? That time?

I made it up so you’d give up,

Erase the line, forget to stand

By the values you demand.


It’s impolite to get political

Or be too analytical.

Better to be cynical

And silent.


As if the problem were political.

As if it weren’t so hypocritical.

As if standing up for people

Were some other people’s ritual.


I’ll draw my line, I’ll take my stand,

Of other people I’ll demand,

What will you do to make us great?

Because it isn’t up to fate.

We can’t be great when there is hate.

It’s not too late

To draw a line and take a stand,

Reverse the politicians’ hand.

It’s OUR country, yours and mine.

Twenty sixteen is still our time.

So let’s be brave and be the change

We want to see, our country to be.

If not for you, if not for me,

There’d be less hope for us to see.

Just breathe.

Let’s see.

What kind of country will you be?

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