Dream On, Oh Dreamer

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

Natalie Sisson 10 day freedom plan blog challenge

Today’s blogging challenge is to craft my perfect day as an exercise in visualizing my goals. EASY. I’m a dreamer.

Here’s my perfect day:

My eyes flutter open at whatever time my body tells me I’m sufficiently rested. From beyond the fluff of the marshmallow-white bed I sleep in, through the sheer curtains billowing in the morning breeze, I see the ocean sparkle and it makes my heart sing.

I live in Italy and next to me is my best friend and partner in life and work. We’ve just come back from a trek through Pakistan, India, and Nepal documenting the work of organizations fighting against child marriage.

My heart is still fired up, and I’m ready to get to work.

But first, some me time. A deck outside my bedroom door holds a comfortable chair where I sit and read a book that lifts me up and motivates me for the day. I watch the sun on the water and feel it get warmer.

My man and I cook breakfast in our Italian kitchen. We love breakfast. We eat outside in our garden, hot eggs, hot tea, fresh fruit. We take a walk on the beach, barefoot in the sand, talking about the trip and our goals for the rest of the project.

When we return, I practice yoga on the deck overlooking the ocean. Once I shower away the sand and sweat, I feel rejuvenated and ready to work.

In my office, the windows are open and the breeze floats in. I can hear my gardener outside singing songs in Italian as he works. I spend a couple hours in utter bliss editing photos from our trip.

After lunch, I turn to writing, to blog about the stories we brought home with us, and to work on my book.

As the sun gets lower, we take a bike ride with our cameras to shoot the town and surrounding countryside in the golden hour. On our way home, we stop by our favorite pizzeria and then curl up on our comfy couch with a much-beloved movie.

When I fall asleep that night in my marshmallow bed, glowing in the moonlight, I can hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach outside my house and it fills my heart with beauty, grace, and gratitude.

To live this life would be perfection indeed.

What’s your perfect day? Go ahead and dream a little. You’ll never live it if you don’t first dream it.

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