How Choosing Freedom Makes the World a Better Place

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

Natalie Sisson 10 day freedom plan blog challenge

I named my blog Boundless and Free because I like both of those words and they seemed the ones that most accurately reflect the kind of life I want to live. I also spent a year trying to think of something better and never did.

They’re kind of perfect words for this blog challenge, though, and especially today’s prompt: why do you want to live the freedom lifestyle?

The short answer: To be the best me I can be so I can make the best contribution to the world that I can.

I can’t be the best me when my body throws a temper tantrum every single dark and early morning when I have to get up to an alarm clock bursting my dreaming eardrums.

I can’t be the best me when the only reason I get out of bed and go to a job is to collect a paycheck.

I can’t be the best me when a CCTV watches my every move at work, or when I dread Mondays and only live for five o’clock on Fridays, or when I go to bed crying from the frustrating dizziness of spending my life running circles in a hamster wheel.

I get depressed when I don’t feel free. And when I’m depressed I’m no good to anyone. I become a problem and not a solution. I think it’s better to be a solution.

Would it be nice to travel the world by day and soak in a hot tub by night, clinking wine glasses and looking out over mountains and beaches all at once? Well, duh.

But I’m not talking about a hedonistic, over-indulgent sort of lazy freedom that has no real purpose.

I’m talking about a freedom that means I have the power of choice, that I get to choose what to work on and when and where I’ll work on it. The kind of freedom that will allow me to make an income serving the world in a way that best suits my skills and passions while still taking care of myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

And if I can do it and people can see me do it, then maybe that will inspire others to do the same and to make their own contribution in the world.

Because our planet is a really sad, unhappy place. If we all had the time-freedom, the money-freedom, the space-freedom to tend to our bodies, minds, souls, and relationships as if we were the royal gardeners nurturing the queen’s royal roses, how could the world not be a better place for it?

Like the oxygen masks on airplanes, you’re supposed to help yourself in life before helping others. Because if you’re dead (or burned out or depressed or angry because you think your life sucks), then what good are you to the rest of the world?

Not much, methinks.


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