In the Land of Lost Adventure

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

Natalie Sisson 10 day freedom plan blog challenge

Today’s challenge was to have an adventure. How fun, I thought. I love adventure.

But then. Oh, wait. I live in Suburbia, Indiana. My idea of adventure has a hard time fitting in around here.

The only thing I thought would be fun would be to get out of the strip malls and subdivisions and find a patch of nature to escape to. But alas, I woke up to heavy black storms and a very wet day.

In school, on rainy days, when the weather stranded us inside for recess, surrounded by a sea of chalk and notebooks and rubber erasers, we’d make paper airplanes and fly them across the room. Their limp wings, loaded with our stifled dreams, never got far before crashing into a desk or a chair or someone’s head.

Indiana makes me feel like I’m stuck in a rainy day, waiting until the clouds clear so I can go outside and play. Making paper airplanes until I can get on a real one and fly far, far away.

Freedom for me means there’s nothing holding me back from flying far away on days like today when I can’t find adventure. Even though I tried. I went to a movie, which I never do. The movie took me to a lot of places, and then I got homesick for the road.

The sun came out so I went for a walk, in the places I usually just drive, seeking something of interest perhaps.

I didn’t find anything.

They cut down a bunch of trees in the middle of town where they’ve built this faux community. New apartments and office spaces over shops and restaurants, and it’s supposed to all feel like a real city, like you’re walking through Europe or something.

But it’s all so fake. It’s so new there’s hardly anyone around. Even on a Saturday.

They tore down the train station when they tore down the trees. They had to make room for all the people traps. You can’t buy a ticket to anywhere. The train got banned from running too. It never went anywhere anyway. So now there’s just a track that goes through town but doesn’t take anyone anywhere.

It’s very depressing. I wanted to have a fun adventure today and write about how much adventurous fun I had. But I didn’t.

I watched a movie and went for a walk and got depressed because on days like today I feel like there’s no road out of this place. This physical town. This mental state. This metaphorical station where I sit with my suitcase on my lap waiting for my train to come even though I know it’s not coming until I get down on my hands and knees and build a track for it myself.

Which is what this whole challenge has been about, and for that I am grateful. A few tools to put me on my way again, to set me on the track toward the life I seek, the one where trains run free and airplanes soar, where adventure is found even in the rain and where small places and small thoughts never hold me back.

The life where I feel boundless and free.

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