Oh Crap, I Just Married an Action Plan

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5.

Natalie Sisson 10 day freedom plan blog challenge

Today’s challenge may be the toughest of all because it requires committing to something most people have made a habit of cringing from – daily action toward our unrealized dreams.

I don’t like committing. It feels like restricting my freedom.

But a couple years ago, I didn’t want to commit to a daily exercise routine. I complained about how much time it would take or that I really didn’t need to exercise every day because I wasn’t trying to lose weight.

But something happened when I finally did commit. My workouts were so fun and effective, and I felt so good after doing them, that it became a joy rather than a burden. Exercising has become such a habit now that I actually have a worse day if I don’t start it off with my workout.

So why should I be scared of committing to something that could take me closer to realizing my dreams? If it’s anything like my workouts, I’ll only improve myself and enjoy life more because of it.

So here is my plan.

Yesterday I talked about my favorite skill of evoking place, emotion, and story. I want to get way better at this by improving my writing and photography on a daily basis.

So every week, I’ll pick a theme and for an hour a day I’ll create an image with a short written piece that will tell a story or evoke an emotion. If I can commit to working out my body for an hour a day, surely I can commit to practicing my craft for an hour a day.

At the end of every week, I’ll combine each day’s work into a series that I can publish right here on my blog. This will help keep me accountable because otherwise there are too many excuses not to do it.

Hopefully with this daily, public practice, I’ll gain greater skill and confidence, create a body of work that (fingers crossed) I’ll be proud of, and get one step closer to doing all of this for a living.

Putting all of these challenges out there for the world to see is so uncomfortable. Writing publicly about what I’d rather keep a secret makes me squirm like a kid at school who just got called on to answer a question I’m not prepared for.

It’s scary to tell everyone what your dreams and goals are because if you fail everyone will know.

But I’m keeping up with this 10-day challenge because 1) there are prizes and 2) maybe by being bold enough to raise my hand and answer the teacher’s questions (even if I’m not sure I have the “right” answers), I’ll encourage someone else to be brave enough to take a step toward their dreams too.

Imagine how many amazing things human beings would accomplish if taking huge, terrified leaps of courage was the normal thing to do and the crazies were the ones who didn’t raise their hands at all.

One thought on “Oh Crap, I Just Married an Action Plan

  • September 14, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    This is just what I needed to hear sweet friend. Thank you for your constant encouragement


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